What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. The information from this file can be sent back to our website on your next visit, so that the website can recognize your computer.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to function. Without these cookies, certain parts cannot be used. For example, the website uses cookies to remember settings and preferences and to 'keep' items in the shopping cart.

Social buttons

The website includes buttons to promote or share products on Facebook and Twitter. These buttons are pieces of code from the social media itself, and use a cookie. This cookie remembers that you are logged in so that you do not have to log in to Twitter or Facebook every time you want to share something. To see what they do with personal data that they receive with this code, you can view the privacy statements of Facebook and Twitter (which can change regularly).

Non functional cookies

Non-functional cookies are separate from the main purpose of the website.

Web statistics are used to collect anonymous data about how visitors use the website. For example, I gain insight into how many visitors certain parts of the website attract and which route visitors follow on the website. Where do they come in and where do they leave? The website is improved with this information. These data are not used for any other purpose or made available to third parties.