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General sales and delivery conditions

We keep our terms and conditions fair, fair, direct, “to the point” and as clear as possible. Without being able to notify individual existing or new customers of this separately, we reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changing circumstances.

However, the deliveries will always take place under the general terms and conditions as they apply on the date of payment by the buyer.

An order placed means agreement with our terms and conditions.

These conditions can only be deviated from in exceptional cases and only if necessary for the execution of special transactions. This only happens with mutual approval. (in writing or by email).


We prefer to receive payments on our ING Bank Account:

IBAN: NL63INGB0007214813
in the name of RJ Visser

However, you can choose to pay via PAYPAL: (

Except for "Special Orders", shipments are made from the Netherlands. As an extra service to our customers, Roberts USA Shop ships on the same day as the payment (by the bank) is shown as received. This is only deviated from in case of force majeure.

Delays in delivery will never give grounds for compensation, even if a specific date of delivery may have been stated.

Proof of sending indemnifies Roberts USA Shop and Shopholder, Owner, Employee (s) from all liability.


Complaints will, under penalty of forfeiture of the buyer's right to assert this, in writing and / or by email ( must be submitted within three days of receipt of the order.

Our liability with regard to goods to be delivered or delivered by us never goes beyond the possible replacement of the article and / or the articles or (at the option of Roberts USA Shop) reimbursement of the amount paid (whether or not after deduction of the original shipping costs. ).

All prices

All prices include shipping costs, unless explicitly stated and / or agreed otherwise. Roberts USA Shop does not charge VAT.

With a “Special Order”, Import especially for you

Import when we ship especially for you from outside the Netherlands:

Although we do everything we can to prevent import duties for you and it almost never happens that people have to pay import duties on our shipments, import, import duties, customs, import formalities and handling, etc. remain fully for the responsibility and for costs of the buyer / recipient.

Payment is made without discount or compensation (unless a certificate issued by Roberts USA Shop is used, or if agreed in advance by email) within 7 days of the invoice date.

If this has not taken place within these 7 days, it is possible that the buyer will receive a message from us that the order has been canceled in our administration. In any case, however, no claim can be made on the prices that applied at the time of the original order, unless unchanged. A new order can be placed at the then current price / prices.


Mutual trust has been of paramount importance at Roberts USA Shop for many years. We are only willing to do business in a mutually honest and friendly manner.

Roberts USA Shop refuses a corporate environment of aggression.

We will always endeavor to resolve any disputes or problems to our mutual satisfaction and respect.


Roberts USA Shop considers privacy extremely important and will NEVER disclose, discuss, or share with anyone other than the purchaser personal information, names, addresses, email addresses, purchasing behavior, etc. To further protect our customers, we obviously do not sell email addresses that our customers make known to us.

And last but not least

Although our terms and conditions have been compiled with care and with the interests of both buyer and seller in mind, Roberts USA Shop and Shopholder, Owner, Employee (s) are not responsible for accidental errors and / or imperfections. In case of uncertainty, Roberts USA Shop reserves the right to make a fair decision in our opinion and experience.

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